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Paula Yates never recovered from the death of Michael Hutchence, and she died of a heroin overdose in 2000.Bob Geldof took orphaned Tiger Lily into his home, so that she could be brought up with her sisters.

In an interview with Paula Yates - who he would later go on to have a relationship and child, Tiger Lily, with - Hutchence said their first date was at 7am in the morning when he stumbled out of a nightclub.

Following their beginnings as a suburban band to their mainstream breakthrough and Hutchence's romance with Minogue, the finale is set to look at the last years of INXS leading up to their frontman's death in 1997.

Michael Hutchence was born on January 22, 1960, in Sydney, Australia.

In high school he formed the band The Farriss Brothers which became INXS.

They released a self-titled debut album in 1980 which was a hit in Australia.

They reached the American audience through heavy video rotation on MTV and their album Michael Kelland John Hutchence was born on January 22, 1960, in Sydney, Australia.After high school, Hutchence went to Perth with the band and played in some clubs there without a lot of success.They returned to Sydney and renamed themselves INXS.Hutchence’s fingers were dark with nicotine stains and he had an old cigarette burn so deep that it exposed the bone, they said.The officers said there were signs that Hutchence had been trying to find drugs before he died. ‘He was trying to get some cocaine but he did not get it so he was going through the bin,’ said Mr Gerondis.He left nothing in his will for the family he fought with Coroner Derrick Hand later ruled that Hutchence had committed suicide in a depressed state of mind while affected by drugs – a mind that was also tormented by the battle over custody of Miss Yates’s children.

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