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adding Hi label-esque horn blasts and an occasional "Lord, have mercy" to the sultry R&B proceedings.

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He did some songwriting on the side and played open mic nights when he could.

Eventually, he decided to give music a shot full-time, taking his soul-folk style to the masses.

He has performed on several late night TV shows and at a voter registration rally for Barack Obama. After returning to Philadelphia, Lee worked as a second grade school teacher at the Mary Mc Leod Bethune School and as a bartender at local music venues. In 2006, Lee recorded his second album, Supply and Demand, which was produced by a friend of manager Bill Eib, Philadelphia musician and producer Barrie Maguire.

He performed at "open mic" events in the area and, through his manager Bill Eib's contacts with promoters, was hired as an opening act for artists like Mose Allison and B. An NPR Music reviewer described it as having "more complicated instrumentation and production" than his prior work.

Kensington-born singer-songwriter Amos Lee, with his funky, chic new album, Spirit, appears at the Academy of Music on Sunday.

When he hits that stage, he will, as always, be with his oldest pal and longtime drummer, Freddie Berman. He brings up the early gigs - open mics at the Fire on Girard Avenue; bartending stints turned impromptu showcases at Tin Angel in Old City.

is an American singer-songwriter whose musical style encompasses folk, rock and soul.

He was born in Philadelphia and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in English.

The second was on Jam where a review stated, "A local R&B band Amos Lee opened the show ... The vocalist's unsteady stage manner." What first went through my mind was a "Hootie" situation -- everyone thinks Darius Rucker's name is "Hootie." Perhaps the singer was so often referred to as "Amos Lee" that he decided to take on the monicker and never looked back. Roughly 15 minutes into our 20 minute phone conversation, I brought up the Jam Base review, referring to his comfort level.

Lee, by phone from a tour stop in Pittsburgh explained that he's gotten more at ease on stage over the years.

Lee's third studio album, Last Days at the Lodge was released in 2008 and re-emphasized "his grounding in folk and soul".

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