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These situations could be a sign of sex addiction: One study of online sex showed that more women have real life sexual encounters with people they meet online than men.However, another study showed that women who do this take more sexual risks and have higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV.

Jeff Hinman, superintendent of Tremont School District 702, graduated from the school in 1982 but cannot recall Deakin.

According to school yearbooks, Deakin played football his freshman and sophomore years, and wrestled his freshman year.

Deakin told investigators he grew up in Peoria “around the corn fields,” according to The Associated Press.

But to the Journal Star, two members of Tremont’s Class of 1981 identified him as a classmate (though, noting the seriousness of the allegations, they requested their names not be published in this story).

Another study of youth showed that young heterosexual men who met partners online were less likely to use condoms.

Gay and queer young men are more likely to seek sexual partners online when they have multiple partners, older partners, and partners with a history of STDs.

According to The Associated Press, Deakin’s family was splintered in his teens.

Classmates say he arrived in Tremont about eighth grade, living with his father. Deakin, born May 25, 1963, enrolled in Tremont High School in fall 1977.

Still, he was known for his bright mind and funny disposition.

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