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While they have yet to hold a wedding ceremony, Lee Dong Gun shared that they will be holding a private ceremony with their loved ones after he finishes working on his upcoming drama, Kang Gary Shock Factor: 5/5This piece of news literally made everyone shake their heads in confusion and check multiple sources to check if what they read was right: that Kang Gary had secretly tied the knot. Latest pic on Facebook: A perfect example of Very Well Made in Taiwan... Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. I find him to be something of an exception: he's both hot and famous. I see 'em on the streets or hanging out around corporate offices at lunchtime. Also the very initial ones, even the Taiwanese Army ones."Commercialization and Cultural Misreading in Dai Sijie's Balzac et la Petite Tailleuse chinoise." Forum for Modern Language Studies, Jan2011, Vol. Cast: Liu Ye, Feng Yuanzheng, Chow Yun-Fat, Li Chen, Andy Lau, Chen Chang, Li Qin, Chen Kun, Chen Daoming, Zhao Benshan, Daniel Wu, Lee-Hom Wong, Zhou Xun, Angela Baby. Just as Guai, a bicycle messenger, makes his final payment for the silver mountain bike loaned by his company, he finds it stolen.

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With slightly under eight months left to the year, what surprises will 2017 bring us, and which couples will walk down the aisle to the sound of a million fans’ hearts shattering? Click on for our roundup of shocking Asian celeb flash marriages!

Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang Shock Factor: 2.5/5This was a classic case of will they, or will they not for Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang.

We’re not even halfway through 2017 and we’ve already seen a number of surprise weddings– Aaron Kwok and Moka Fang, Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yun Hee, along with Kang Gary and his mysterious bride.

Adding on to the fray are JYJ Yoochun’s announcement that he will get married in September after he gets discharged from the army, along with Shinhwa’s Eric July wedding to actress Na Hye Mi.

Most I can aspire to is to stalk the guy in Tianmu for an autograph. Mafalda None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an after thought. I mustve seemed like the crazy white person cause I kept gawking and squealing My friend and I, when we see his picture in an add, will snap a shot and text it to the other just to add a little lift to our day. I saw one working a register at 7-11 (I think he caught me checking him out, with the late afternoon sun streaming in from the side - oops).

plus foreign cooperation "Lo urgente no deja tiempo para lo importante". I feel like in the USA, although we have our Geraldos and Honey Boo Boo's moms whatnot, that when it comes to being famous (like movie star, pop star, model famous, not politician or businessperson famous), those spots in the public eye are generally taken up by gorgeous people. But turn on the TV, go to the movies or even look at most ads, and the men are just not that good-looking (I don't have an opinion on the women). I leave my post for half an hour and I come back to this... I like the minimalist style, the ones that can convey a lot of emotion with just a gaze. I like him in Red Cliff, but currently my favorite is Perhaps Love.

The number 2046 is the room number where he met his lost love. Follows a family who became victims in the 1976 Tangshan earthquake.

The father, Fang Daqiang, was crushed dead while trying to rescue his twin children, Fang Deng and Fang Da, who were trapped in the house. In Manchuria, a village inn by a river is a regular stop for carters, so it's not surprising that the daughter of the innkeeper has a carter for a sweetheart.

Wang’s career took off in Taiwan in 1995 and was fueled by his versatility and boyish good looks.

A day later, his agent announced that the couple has tied the knot in the United States.

Unable to save both kids, the mother, Li Yuanni, is forced to sacrifice Fang Deng for her feeble younger brother Fang Da, a decision that proved agonizing for the entire family. But all sweetness and tranquility is shattered by the invasion of the brutal Japanese in 1931. Cast: Xun Zhou, Kun Chen, Ye Liu, Shuangbao Wang, Zhijun Cong.

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