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I also created enhancements to improve the interactive response, added many features, and etc.

This page including the FAQ contains much information [*]; solutions to many problems; and interesting applications, but nevertheless please feel free to contact me if you have problems or questions (and if I save you time or expense by giving you some of my time, please consider a Pay Pal Donation.) Do check the FAQ and this page first; I realize the pages are massive, but you can often use your browser's find-in-page search action using a keyword to find the answer to your problem or question.

Your workstation ( Linux or Windows ) is only displaying a copy of the display ( real or virtual ) that is running on the remote machine.

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In my case, I have a fresh installed Ubuntu14.04 server in a datacenter (root server) where I will install the VNC server so that I can access the Ubuntu Gnome GUI remotely. In case that you havent a Ubuntu minimal installation yet, follow this guide for the basic installation of the Ubuntu server till Chapter 11. My network details are as follows: Please make sure that you are using only vnc-server & no other VNC-server are installed as this could give errors in future mostly that clipboard sharing between the host Ubuntu Server & vnc-client machine. Enter new UNIX password: Password too long - only the first 8 characters will be used xauth: file /home/srijan/.

You can check it as follows: [email protected] ~ # dpkg -l | grep vncii vnc4server 4.1.1 xorg4.3.0-37ubuntu5 amd64 Virtual network computing server software[email protected] ~ # Please uninstall if Tight VNC or anything similar installed. Adding new user `srijan' (1001) with group `srijan' ... Xauthority does not exist New 'server1:1 (srijan)' desktop is server1:1 Creating default startup script /home/srijan/.vnc/xstartup Starting applications specified in /home/srijan/.vnc/xstartup Log file is /home/srijan/.vnc/server1:1[email protected]:~$#! In case you want to add more users to access the vnc-console you need to add the user as mentioned above & append the entry in the file as: vi /etc/vncserver/For instance I am using user This "tutorial" was clearly written by a linux nerd who has never had to deal with another human being in his life.

In this way it plays the role for Unix/X11 that Win VNC plays for Windows.

It has built-in SSL/TLS encryption and 2048 bit RSA authentication, including Ve NCrypt support; UNIX account and password login support; server-side scaling; single port HTTPS/HTTP VNC; Zeroconf service advertising; and Tight VNC and Ultra VNC file-transfer. It also provides an encrypted Terminal Services mode ( options) based on Unix usernames and Unix passwords where the user does not need to memorize his VNC display/port number.

The same steps will work for Ubuntu desktops as well.

VNC is a very convenient way of administrating the Ubuntu 14.04 desktops remotely.Advanced Options VNCHooks - Advanced Settings Running on other Win32 systems Problems?Win VNC is a VNC server that will allow you to view your Windows desktop from any VNC viewer.It has also been extended to work with non-X devices: natively on Mac OS X Aqua/Quartz, webcams and TV tuner capture devices, and embedded Linux systems such as Qtopia Core. Normally a virtual X session (Xvfb) is created for each user, but it also works with X sessions on physical hardware.See the terminal services mode of the SSVNC viewer for one way to take advantage of this mode.In my case, I am using [email protected]:~# adduser srijan Adding user `srijan' ... /bin/sh unset SESSION_MANAGER unset DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS startxfce4 & [ -x /etc/vnc/xstartup ] && exec /etc/vnc/xstartup [ -r $HOME/. Xresources xsetroot -solid grey vncconfig -iconic & It will have some issues with the gnome-vnc session so please kill the present vnc session as follows: vncserver -kill :1 Further, I will make the startup script for the vncserver like this: su vi /etc/init.d/vncserver #! Now I am going to connect with the VNC server through my VNC-client It will prompt for the password as follows: Enter the password as VNC password that you had set for the user "srijan" on the server. While it does a good job of explaining absolutely nothing, it misses out on crucial details, like how to actually enter data into vi. Therefore, human beings are incapable of understanding its utterly byzantine interface and backwards approach to data entry.

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