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Input validation should be applied on both syntactical and semantic level.

Syntactic validation should enforce correct syntax of structured fields (e.g.

It is always recommended to prevent attacks as early as possible in the processing of the user’s (attacker's) request.

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Whenever a user is asked to provide input, the program should expect errors.

This is true for almost any language and almost any case; you should protect your My SQL code from sql-injections, your php input fields from scripts, your javascript from infinite loops, your java code from non-fitting variable type.

The purpose of this code is to produce a consistent method to validate user input, and not let the program proceed until the user has inputted a correct type.

The class methods accept user input as string, attempt to convert that input to the expected type.

I'm new to Java (actually only on my third day) but enjoy pushing myself when it comes to learning a new bit of code, I did the same when learning MATLAB as part of my Degree.

In essence I like going one step further than what each particular lesson is trying to teach.

I am currently writing a basic Calculator that can add, subtract, multiply and divide two numbers and have that core element working correctly.

My "one step further" in this case was to make the program repeating with the option to exit via user input and to prevent any errors due to invalid user inputs.

You might prefer to have these numbers output as, for example, 3.14159, 1050.00, and 43.58.

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