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Or maybe you were adventurous and thumbed through the classifieds. It's put several different digital options at people's fingertips.

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While most of us are aware that there are people that posing as others to dupe unsuspecting online daters, there are still tons of people of all ages that fall for catfishing scams on a regular basis.

The worst part, however, is that many “catfish” pose a serious threat, not just a broken heart.

As always, quite a few risks are related with using mobile and online means to meet that special person.

It is important for internet users to be wary when using online dating apps and websites in order to be protected from scams, other threats, and embarrassment. By now, most of us know the term “catfish” and what it is- the creation of a fake online profile used to seduce other users, amongst a variety of other reasons.

More than half of all single people make New Year's resolutions aimed at being more social and focus on finding their soulmates in the year ahead.

In the olden days, that meant trolling bars or getting set up by a friend.Men wait all year for the Super Bowl, this big day in television.Women wait for Valentine’s Day with the hope that their special guy will either propose, offer to take his online dating profile down, or say “I love you” for the first time.Whether you’re a sports fan or a hopeless romantic, comparing the two will help you understand how important these days are for the opposite sex.Why do I think the Super Bowl for men is like Valentine’s Day for women?Women even secretly hope that the guy they are dating might want to change his Facebook status from “Single” to “In a Relationship.” Men are very prepared for the Super Bowl.

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