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(Of course, you have to replace the squid binary with the Copfilter once, if you are using c-icap!

) An Copfilter update is following 2014 05 04 Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta3 This is a security release and adaptations, to work with IPCop 2.1.4 Please uninstall Copfilter, before you update to IPCop 2.1.4.

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updating smoothwall kernel-62

Released Copfilter 2.1.93beta1 for IPCop 2.1.8 - 2.1.9 We are pleased to release the new Copfilter release with some updates and more fixes.

Great thanks to the team and Copfilter users for all tests,improvements and additions.

This update contains fixes, enhancements, new packages and new features for Smoothwall Express 3.1.

We added a number of presentation improvements to the user interface. We added squidclamav (and its c-icap dependencies) and rebuilt squid to be SSL-ready to prepare for coming improvements to Smoothwall Express' filtering capabilities.

Great thanks goes to Shelby GT500 for sorting out last issues before releasing.

2014 10 28 IPCop 2.1.6 released today and it seems, that Copfilter is running well with it!

Smooth Wall Express offers these features: Remember, this is a distribution based on the Linux kernel, and since we're not talking a live distribution, and the end result is a console-only operating system, the installation is an old-school curses-based install.

However, anyone who is looking at a tool like Smooth Wall Express shouldn't be afraid of a little curses-based installation.

VMware give ESXi away for free but it has no firewalling.

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