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We also provide a variety of painless, safer, and quieter products for aviation, military, law enforcement, and other applications.

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The good news is that the aftermarket makes it easy to restore your interior back to "better than new" status.

While just about every interior restoration widget can already be found in some catalog, some companies are also ramping up their line of "better than stock" Chevy parts. They've been churning out high-quality interior restoration parts and are now delving into soft parts with a custom touch.

The seats in your car are important and hold as much value as the exterior of your car.

Car seat covers not only protect your car’s seats, but they make it look good, too.

Nothing can drag down a cool Chevy faster than a shoddy interior.

Ripped seats, sagging foam, and a vibe more like a dumpster than a muscle car's interior can completely kill the fun of cruising a classic car.

Updating the interior is one of the easiest and most dramatic changes you can make to immediately change the entire look and feel of the car.

There are so many options when it comes to color and design that it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Since Mid America Motorworks produces many of its own interior products on-site at its Effingham, Illinois, campus under the Performance Choice brand, the company has made ordering your next interior as painless as possible with its excellent print and online catalogs.

With these tools, it's easy to choose exactly what interior components will go well with your particular color combination.

Rather than just making exact replicas of the parts that originally came in our cars, TMI also focuses on making parts that fit the OEM seat frames, but have a more updated look.

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