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My point is simply that you have not walked in our shoes.

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I think you are freaking awesome, both for being able to sustain a healthy open relationship, and for being willing and able to talk about it so knowledgeably and show people the way a successful open relationship works.

I think far, far too many monogamous people see "open relationship" and think "how could you ever tolerate your partner having SEX with other people?! etc." I also think far too many people (not necessarily monogamous) think that open relationships are somehow magically easier than monogamous ones, which is obviously not true.

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not in a bad way, but I can tell he feels insecure so he likes to joke around and make sure I'm going to be faithful.

I think that open relationships are awesome, but not for many people.

I am just so amazed that your man is confident enough to be cool with what you do.

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