Speeddatingbristol com 2 year dating anniversary gift ideas for him

Back Speed dating is currently the most popular and widespread dating event taking place across the UK.As the name suggests, speed dating is a case of dating at top speed.

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Guests then circulate to find a match to their lock or key.

The aim is to meet as many people as possible in one night, and have a giggle along the way.

There are many speed dating events in Bristol to attend.

Browse our website to see where the next one is going to be held so you can meet like-minded people.

We run more events than any other company and we get hundreds more guests every month at our parties!

Trust us to show you a good time and with more attendees, we know you’ll have a greater chance of finding someone you really hit it off with.

All guests have a scorecard with them, to make notes of the people they meet.

At the end of each date, guests mark on their scorecard whether or not they would like to see that person again, together with any comments about that person, to help jog their memory.

Guests meet up to 20 people of the opposite sex for a series of 3 minute dates.

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