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Roll means that anyone using the network wil be able to roll over ther unused data into a "piggybank".The Susa Valley, situated between Maurienne, France and Turin, Italy, has been urbanised by the economic development of the region.

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Composed mainly of civil society committees and organisations and local institutions, their struggle is motivated by the need to protect the environment but it is also a political and cultural struggle against the development logic of globalisation all over the world.

In contrast, supporters of the project are mainly found in European, national, and provincial governments and in companies and corporations driven by private interests in infrastructure and trade development.

As well as giving those customers unlimited calls and texts for free, they'll also be able to sync their Sky recordings to their phone – something that isn't available to customers on other networks.

Stephen van Rooyen, Sky's UK and Ireland CEO, said that the network was intended as a way of bringing the same disruption it brought to broadband and TV to phone.

The other headline features of the network – which the company is calling a smart network for smart devices – include tariffs that let people only pay for the data they use and letting people change how much data is in their plan each month.

The network also has extra features for those people who are already Sky TV customers.

It's a pretty wild story, with the drive kicking off with 15 minutes of NYC traffic, and Demuro's full writeup is worth a read.

Sky has launched a new mobile network that it hopes can fix the problems with all the existing ones.

Jean-de-Maurienne (France) to Venaus (Italy), making it the main tunnel to cross the Alps.

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