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We appreciate you helping us grow as an online community for Southern Singles.That’s right, a dating website for Southerners by Southerners.

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Just a reminder that we are the premiere site for Southern Singles to meet other desirable Southern Singles.

The south has a unique way of approaching life,fun,romance, and dating.

We’ve even considered the little things that make good matches great like football allegiance, sweet or unsweet, and puh-kahn or pee-can.

We’re putting manners back into online dating…civilized courting in a digital age!

The combination of its unique history and the fact that many Southerners maintain—and even nurture—an identity separate from the rest of the country has led to its being the most studied and written-about region of the U. "More than any other part of America, the South stands apart.

The Culture of the Southern United States, or Southern Culture, is a subculture of the United States.

It is a loyalty to a place where habits are strong and memories are long.

If those memories could speak, they would tell stories of a region powerfully shaped by its history and determined to pass it on to future generations." Southern culture has been and remains generally more socially conservative than that of the rest of the country.

Because of the central role of agriculture in the antebellum economy, society remained stratified according to land ownership, and communities often developed strong attachment to their churches as the primary community institution.

From its many cultural influences, the South developed its own unique customs, literature, cuisine, and music.

We are southerners and have set this site up to help Southern Singles meet and connect with other Southern Singles in a friendly website complete with real southerners.

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