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An adjunct of the Select Previous function is the ability to save your selection sets for future use.

To help identify what is in the cut list, Solid Works gives us the ability to add some custom properties like part numbers or descriptions.

The Fillet Beads are listed out individually at the bottom of the list.

It's not easy for me to pick out just three, but in terms of everyday impact -- stuff that makes me smile and that I miss when I'm using an older version -- this is my (very short) list.

First and foremost, you can "Select Previous" with a click of the pop-up toolbar.

When setting up custom properties in your Solid Works parts, assemblies and drawings you have no doubt noticed the list of Property Names that are available when adding a new custom property. And how can you use it to help manage your Solid Works file information?

The list of names that shows when you click the drop arrow in the Property Name cell actually comes from a file called

As I look around the CAD landscape, I can very much appreciate both the quantity and quality of the enhancements that go into each and every release of SOLIDWORKS; our community continues to receive subscription value like no other.

I've been asked to highlight three of my favorite new things in SOLIDWORKS 2015.

Ever go through a multiple-selection exercise and then accidentally drop the selection set with a mouse mishap?

This will instantly save your bacon -- no more re-doing your previous selections manually!

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