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However, the city of Ririe was formally established in 1914.

The later was wholly spanned east-to-west by the bustling Oregon Trail and its hitchhiker emigrant trails, the California Trail and Mormon Trail which since hitting stride in 1847, had been conveying settler wagon trains to the west, and incidentally, across the Continental Divide into the Snake River Basin, a key gateway into the Idaho and Oregon Country interiors., was passed by the Idaho Territorial Legislature on December 7, 1864, six weeks before the territorial legislature's session legally began, and after litigation, on a split decision decided by one vote on the territorial Supreme Court on geographic lines. These people were well-represented in the early territorial legislatures, which often clashed with the appointed Republican territorial governors.

The political infighting became particularly vicious in 1867, when Governor David W.

It is part of the Idaho Falls, Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city of Ririe was named for one its first homesteaders, David Ririe.

In 1891, Joseph Hyrum Lovell and his family settled on an adjoining area and began farming.

The families flourished in the area, and David eventually built a large stone house, which stands today, to house his large family.

As more residents settled in the area, the common need for schools and churches help foster a community.

From its beginnings as a single cell house, the penitentiary grew to a complex of several distinctive buildings surrounded by a high sandstone wall.

The stone was quarried from the nearby ridges by the resident convicts, who also completed all the later construction.

The ratio of number of residents in Ririe to the number of sex offenders is 107 to 1.

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