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“I said, ‘Child, it’s zero degrees out there and all you have is a jacket. From then on, she said, “he hung on to me,” and in turn she “took over total control” of Lee Morgan, helping the onetime prodigy grow into the musician he was meant to be.Helen would get him well, she would get him working, and five years later, she would end his life.

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The genre was born of cultural diversity and remains the closest tie rural North America.

Arguably, a demographic in most need of social enlightenment.

On an icy night in 1967, one of the world’s greatest trumpeters didn’t own a trumpet.

His horn was in the pawnshop, along with his winter coat, sold to pay for heroin.

I’m sorry.” I’d expected an argument, but her posture was one of submission, as if I was her dad, or a schoolteacher.

But I wasn’t her dad, and she was an adult woman, even if I was twice her age. In the end, I told her she could keep the cat, but she better take care of it properly.

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Three years after releasing one of the most successful jazz albums of the 1960s, Lee Morgan was in the depths of a drug habit that had consumed him for nearly a decade.

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