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So I think, to answer your question—the whole book stands out as a whole. Leslie: About the running pieces—they were both published before, but not in running magazines (in .

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A man was arrested Thursday and charged in seven incidents of sexual abuse or attempted abuse, robbery or voyeurism, D. Six of the incidents occurred in Northeast Washington, and one in Northwest Washington, police said.

They said one case involved a knife and another a gun.

The faculty and staff are pleased to announce the Fall 2016 Dean's List for Ashford University's online programs and the on-campus traditional programs.

Undergraduate students in online programs are recognized if they completed twelve or more credits, have a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or above, began and completed at least one course since the time the previous Dean’s List was determined 08/22/2016, and are currently enrolled, attending or on an approved Academic Leave, and in good academic standing as of 12/19/2016.

On April 16, a woman was robbed at gunpoint in the 3600 block of Benning Road NE and then was sexually assaulted, police said.

Earlier that day, police said, a woman was sexually assaulted in the 4800 block of Seventh Street NW.

Michelle: I saw the line of debating “is melodrama acceptable and how does it relate to empathy,” to the final piece where they necessitate each other, as the big linear revelation that stood out to me. Michelle: You put so much of yourself in your writing. Confessional writing is hard for lots of reasons, so it’s nice to know when it hits, [it] does its work.

Anyone who tackles Frida automatically gets bonus points. Michelle: The way they were laid out definitely had [a] line that ran through them! I’m curious if there were particular sequences or through-lines between essays that stood out? Thank you for really making yourself so vulnerable to the reader and sharing so many aspects of your personal history. I’m curious about the story you referenced in the last essay…the one [where] you wonder if you ex-boyfriend ever read. : ) Leslie: That story is called “Quiet Men” and you can find it here.

Three women endured hours of agonizing cross-examination in front of a jury this week, at times fighting tears and breaking down as they were asked to recount alleged sexual assaults by a Bellingham bistro owner. I just wanted to forget that it happened, and go on with my life.” L. She believes he drugged her, but not with a “rufi,” the notorious date rape drug Rohypnol. broke down in tears as Ransom asked if she was aroused, during what she described as a drunken sexual assault that lasted hours in Rogayan’s apartment. said she, too, wasn’t sure if what happened to her – touching, without intercourse – was considered rape. It was a very traumatic experience for me, and it’s also humiliating.” After a couple glasses of mead and a beer alone, K.

Jamison Scott Rogayan, 32, is on trial for sexual assaults on five women – charged with four counts of second-degree rape, one count of indecent liberties, and one count of unlawful imprisonment – for encounters with women who say they were drunk, high, or both when Rogayan made unwanted forceful advances. I was unconscious, and when I became conscious, he had his hands in my vagina. “Beyond the legal issue of whether you knew that was rape, that’s an assault,” Ransom continued. ” “It’s very hard to report this kind of stuff, for this reason,” she said, gesturing to the courtroom. (Some jurors asked for a definition of “rufi.”) She’d been slipped that drug before, she said, but it felt different when she awoke in Rogayan’s apartment. Ransom questioned why she had no injuries to her privates, if it lasted that long. Still, she reported a sexual assault that week in 2011. bumped into Rogayan and some other friends at Cap Hansen’s on a night in April 2015, she testified Thursday.

Two were on Benning Road NE, about three blocks apart.

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