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Futureproofing buildings, communities and cities was one of the big themes at the Annual Convention of Property Investment Prospects in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, Finland.

Hosted on 3–4 November, 2016, Finland’s biggest event for the Finnish real estate business pooled the industry professionals together to talk shop and envision new, brave horizons.

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Admire crystal-clear streams, sparkling lakes, tundra, and forests as you head south to Finland's Lapland and cross back over the Arctic Circle.

Enjoy highlight visits to a Husky farm and to Santa Claus Village and receive your Arctic Circle Certificate—other special experiences offered by Globus.

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You'll also spend time in the cities and enjoy guided sightseeing in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Helsinki.

All of this—and much more—are included on this Scandinavia tour.

He appears as Hróarr, Hroar, etc., in sagas and poetry, and as Ro or Roe in the Danish Latin chronicles.

The form Hrōðgār is thought to have derived from the proto-Norse *Hrōþigaizaz "famous spear", i.e. However, the corresponding Old Norse name Hróarr and its variations are not derived from *Hrōþigaizaz, but from the very close names *Hrōþiwarjaz "famous defender" or *Hrōþiharjaz "famous warrior".

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