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After deciding to play every instrument themselves, avoid click tracks and electric guitars and try to record every song in no more than three takes, their first official track, ‘In the Room Where You Sleep’, made its way into the world on Christmas Day (c’mon, Ryan! Sat somewhere between Bobby Picket’s ‘Monster Mash’ and Arthur Brown’s ‘Fire’, its curious blend of ’60s pop, Hammond-heavy Halloween vibes and Gosling’s creepily theatric vocals clearly laid out their commitment to the Munsters aesthetic.

A year later, Dead Man’s Bones’ self-titled debut album arrived, complete with songs about zombies, werewolves and death.

In Thursday night's show, tensions have been stirring as the Housemates haven't seemed pleased that Cami picked Perez to be reign alongside her as King, especially since he would subsequently gain immunity from Friday's eviction.

On Thursday night's show, the stars take part in the talent contest hosted by Keith Chegwin, which will see the most entertaining in the talent competition, decided by the King and Queen, become immune from the imminent public vote.

On-screen, we saw him strum a little ukulele ditty in but away from those twee cinematic flashes, Gosling takes his music seriously.

Back in 2005, the former Disney Mouseketeer met Zach Shields in the kind of scenario Perez Hilton has made a career out of.

Amid all of the heartbreaking Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breakup news, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are giving fans hope that love is still possible in Hollywood. Nonetheless, we can't say we're entirely shocked to learn that the duo secretly jumped the broom.

Not to mention, the twosome also have two daughters together, named Esmeralda and Amada.

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