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Fine Nordic cuisine is served along with panoramic views in the 20th-floor restaurant.Opposite the railway station, a short hop from the Tivoli and only 15 minutes’ walk from the docks, this is a convenient location for business travellers and tourists alike.

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There are other, larger suites with cool sound systems and space for up to four guests.

Royal Copenhagen is a company steeped in tradition, dating back to 1770s and Queen Juliane Marie.

It was Thomsen who transformed that unordered collection of artifacts into the Royal Museum of Nordic Antiquities, which opened to the public in 1819.

By 1820, he had begun to organize the exhibits in terms of materials and function, as a visual narrative of prehistory.

It's sleek and elegant, with an impressive spiral staircase. The lobby is spacious and the reception generously staffed, with friendly concierge services handy for first-time visitors.

A vast gym (with personal trainers on call), single-sex saunas and steam rooms, massage rooms, fitness classes and even gym activities for kids deliver the full Nordic urban lifestyle menu.

It was published simultaneously in German and Danish, and translated into English in 1848. Thomsen's ideas grew out of his role as voluntary curator of the Royal Commission for the Preservation of Antiquities' unorganized collection of runic stones and other artifacts from ruins and ancient graves in Denmark.

This collection was immense, combining both royal and university collections into one national collection.

Much of this information has previously only been available in obscure, out-of-print publications, making The Nordic Modern Movement a valuable addition to any modern design library.

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