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If you want to get into a relationship I believe that you have to be ready for one.You have to clear the path between you and what you want and leave opportunity wide open for love to just walk right into your life.Even Donovan (Trent Garrett), the hot new bartender hired by Cece to bring in more female customers, has a sweet vacancy.

After almost a month off, New Girl is back, and it’s ready for change, at least temporarily.

“Ready” opens on Jess ready to stop pining over Nick and start dating again.

First-time parents have nine months to prepare for the big debut in their own lives, often going to parenting and birthing classes well in advance.

Yet somehow we expect that everything will just fall into place where love and marriage are concerned. Cara Whedbee, a psychologist I interviewed for my book , has counseled many single people who come to her asking “Why can’t I find a mate? She told me one of the biggest mistakes people make is rushing into relationships without making themselves ready, or what I like to call “housecleaning.” Even Esther, the beautiful Jewess of biblical history who won the favor of a king and became queen of Persia, had to undergo twelve months of “beauty preparations” before she was presented to King Xerxes—or, symbolically, made ready for marriage.

Our ability to self-sabotage is so acute that even though we pass potential dates all of the time; we repeatedly miss opportunities to connect with them because we aren’t ready for the love we say we want.

If you are ready, or want to be ready for love, then you have to establish the following seven guidelines that clear the path for love to come into your life.Nick’s ready to turn the bar over to Cece so he can write full-time while she implements changes.Cece’s ready to take on the extra responsibility, even if her only idea was to restock the toilet paper.When you reach the point where your ex is no longer impacting your day-to-day actions—like which friends you interact with, what places you go out to eat, what bars you may run into them at—you’re in the clear, says Steinberg. )Red Flag: You Still Have His Stuff in Your Apartment Still holding out on deleting those couples photos from your cell?Can’t quite fall asleep without his sweater in your bed?While many say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone new, dealing with the wave of post-breakup emotions is no easy feat.

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