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It was exactly the same brand of masculinity I’d always been attracted to in cisgender guys.

When I finally told my parents about our relationship, I said, “I’m dating a woman right now, but I’m not gay.” I didn’t know how else to define myself.

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I think Thurst is just one of the projects arising out of the desire to see ourselves online, to make our own space.” – Morgen Bromell, CEO Born from frustration, Thurst is Morgen’s brainchild.

After realizing how “restrictive and lame” other dating sites were, she put into context that most dating sites weren’t meant for people like her.

One of the main dating complaints collegiettes have, no matter where they fall on the spectrum, is the lack of options they have on their campuses.

But when you’re trying to find a lady friend, that problem has the potential to become even worse.

“There isn’t a place for marginalized queer people to connect and date online.

I think one of the great violences of our generation has been denying marginalized people, whether you’re queer, black, or both, platform and spaces to see ourselves and others like us.

Meet Morgen Bromell, Chief Executive Officer of Thurst, the first online dating app exclusively catering to the nuanced needs of queer people, especially queer people of color.

An undergraduate of Northeastern University and Pratt Institute, with experience working at a MIT startup, Morgen’s comprehensive background in entrepreneurship, business, finance, humanities, art, and design, congealed into the development of an app that’s the first of it’s kind.

In a world where dating and love is dictated by Western heteronormative standards, and marginalized queer people are made invisible in terms of affection and desire, I’ve always felt this app is beyond necessary.

After nearly a year of brainstorming, prototyping and development, The aim from the beginning has been simplicity and ease of use, paired with security and a sense of community.

If your school doesn’t have an enormous LGBTQ population, it might be really hard to find a girl who isn’t your ex, your BFF’s ex or someone who’s connected to you in some other strange, distant way. Frankie Bashan, LGBTQ relationship expert and coach, says that if your community is too small or practically nonexistent, you should look into lesbian-specific websites or communities for not only romantic company, but friendships as well.

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