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The focus area is how to configure and use Spring WS.

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I'm walking through the following tutorial: and I faced a problem.

I don't know whether it's an expected outcome or some kind of a bug.

Apache Camel provides support for Bean Binding and seamless integration with popular frameworks such as CDI, Spring, Blueprint and Guice.

Camel also has extensive support for unit testing your routes.

It's about the behaviur of the Payload Validating Interceptor.

It validates well all elements described in the XSD, but it also allows elements not defined in the XSD to be in the payload.Since Spring-WS has two implementations, one based on SAAJ and another one based on Apache Axiom let’s start by examining how these two libraries handle MTOM.SAAJ doesn’t perform any kind of XOP decoding (beyond MIME processing): This is the optimal processing model because XOP unaware code will just work (although not necessarily with the best performance) and it is still possible to write code that processes MTOM messages in a highly optimized way (including full streaming support for binary data, introduced in Axiom 1.2.13).I will also briefly show exception handling and validation support in relation to SOAP faults.But first some words about the contract first part.The problem with Spring-WS is that in contrast to SAAJ and Axiom, it doesn’t have a well defined MTOM processing model.

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