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Although they were not able to rekindle their romance in the recently concluded television series, there are rumors now that the two may be dating in real life.

Wesley and her girlfriend of four years, Phoebe Tonkin, recently called off their relationship.

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That’s when I started to get recognized for fashion. There was this incredible pressure all of a sudden. But it’s fun to put things together—it’s really another form of expression.” On the role she’d love to take on: “My dream role is to do a James Bond film, or if they did another Lara Craft, or even a prequel Lara Croft, I’d want to do that, to get it out of my system.” On how her family takes to her fame: “Luckily, my parents are overseas a lot, so it’s a delayed reaction.

The conversation I’ll have with my dad is always different from the one I’ll have with my mom.

So when we saw Nina Dobrev in her all-black workout kit comprising of a practical black tank top styled with some leggings, a track jacket and some monochrome sneakers, we couldn’t help but want a slice of her style.

Her flattering black tank top is by adidas Sports Performance and features a racerback design in a stretchy material which expels moisture, ensuring you’re dry and comfortable right throughout your workout.

But when you actually sit down and think about it (which we obviously do here at Teen), he’s made his way through some pretty A-list Hollywood ladies.

red gown that I wore to the Emmys last year is what people think about.

And that was where most of our tears came in, because holy crap was that brutal. Elena had moments with Tyler (who is now a werewolf again, FYI), Matt, Jeremy, Alaric, Bonnie, Caroline, Stefan, and of course, Damon.

As she told him, Elena knew that the love of her life would stand by his best friend, even if it meant he wouldn't see Elena for a while.

It sounds like the 40-year-old actor has scooped up his old flame, Nina Dobrev, 28, again.

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