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Ally Maki: Like you said, I think Min is a very headstrong girl. AE: So much has changed in the last few years regarding queer characters and visibility; it almost feels as if we are becoming simply characters, not just gay characters.

I feel like she’s really the driving force behind it. Even my character: I’m not the typical smart Asian.

The thing about Min is, she wants to come out and be out. You don’t have the flamboyant gay or the asshole football guy.

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I pray that there will be more roles for bigger girls.

I had just gotten my hair done and my friend said, 'Hey can you put makeup on me?

I'm going to a wedding.'" She goes on to say, "People think I do so many different things. If I switch this ring to this finger, I'm instantly married.

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I pray that the role of the love interest, the beautiful, sexy girl, will be played by a plus-size woman.

She has played many roles at Great Neck South Senior High School.

Some people ask me if I still scoop ice cream because I used to work at Cold Stone Creamery before . People will get images of all different things, so you have to run with it.

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