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While working on a custom mobile admin for Wordpress I came across the need to access a mobile device's camera/images.

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The V.360, from a Florida-based company called VSN Mobil, aims to change that by being one of the first you can buy.

With a single camera and lens, the V.360 is able to capture a full 360-degree video or photo.

In 2014, we heard a lot about 360-degree cameras in the works, but saw very few of them in action.

We were told that these cameras would be the next big thing in photography and videography, but we’ve yet to feel the buzz.

Since most people carry a phone with them just about everywhere, it’s no wonder we’re taking more photos on phones than cameras these days. First, we should explain that this is not the kind of scientific test where we put phones on tripods in ‘lab’ conditions. The aim here was simple: to use the phone cameras exactly as people do in the real world, and present the photos and video so you can see them all side by side.

we've also compared the best phone cameras of last year.) If you don't want to look through the photos, you can jump straight to our verdict.

All color modes that use only one color can be set with the color wheel, but modes that use more than one color (tai chi for example) and performance and audio modes are stuck to mobile profile and not working with the color wheel.

You have to go to the pc and set your mobile profile. It's super convenient, and a great way to monitor my system while afk otherwise.

This app requires CAM for Windows and a registered account.

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