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So I think it's going to be a fun, joyful [movie] but one that feels completely grounded in a real world, with real characters going through real things. We're going to be shooting soon, so yes, I'm hoping news of that is going to come out in the next few months.IGN: Do you think we might start hearing about casting on that any time soon? Such activity includes: Pornography and Other Sexually Explicit Conduct Any content or activity involving pornography, sexual intercourse, or adult services is prohibited.

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It had this wonderful character that's essential to going on a fantastic adventure. There were a lot of guys going out for it and saw the potential in it, so I put a really big presentation together and was lucky enough to get the job. Israelite: Oh, yes, it needs to be completely playful, and it needs to be really fun and funny.

We're in sort of a soft pre-production right now, doing a lot of design work and reimagining the world. IGN: Last year, we heard that Power Rangers creator Haim Saban wanted the movie to pay respect to the TV continuity and that it wouldn't necessarily be a hard reboot of the original series. But like Project Almanac, I hope it's going to feel very grounded at the same time, and very contemporary and have a real edge to it, and a real gut to it.

As an actress you want to play different roles and experiment and try new things and challenge yourself. It’s definitely a more mature role which I think is perfect timing for me.

I’m a 21 year-old woman now so I’m ready to do something that’s sexier and edgier and darker. Not only that, I think the writing is really, really good and I think the characters are really interesting and dynamic.

" /Functioning as a cautionary tale, this film emphasizes the need for parents to provide clear sexual guidelines for their children.

It stresses the importance of open communication with teens and the dangers of unsupervised Internet access.My character, Lindy Sampson, who is this really highly skilled computer hacker, she’s a very complex character and she has all these emotional layers and has dealt with a lot of tragedy.So those are all the things that sort of drew me in.Any attempts to misrepresent yourself as a member of Twitch Staff, Admins, or Global Moderators is a zero-tolerance violation and will result in immediate indefinite suspension.Spam, Scams, and Other Malicious Conduct Any content or activity that disrupts, interrupts, harms, or otherwise violates the integrity of Twitch services or another user's experience or devices is prohibited.Inappropriate Broadcaster Behavior and Attire Nudity and conduct involving overtly sexual behavior and/or attire are prohibited.

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