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We have four centers / clinics in all in Chandigarh area.

In last few years, above 150,000 patients have been taken care of at these clinics and more than 170,000 patients have sought to and taken immense benefits from our online consultation.

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Type A Thought is an Online Emotional Wellness Venture.

We aim to provide Psychological And Emotional Counselling Services Online.

Because There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question Top 10 sexuality based questions answered – What do men and women really want to know?

Top 10 Relationship Commandments The “Thou Shalt Nots” for a new era The Birds and The Bees How to talk to your kids about sex, resources for all ages, the importance of having “the talk” and how parental actions and values influence teen sexual behaviour more than peer groups etc Boomer Intimacy: It’s Sad to Grow Old, But Nice to Ripen What you’re not taught in school – Educational Viagra for the Boomer generation Top 10 Sexual Myths How these may be affecting your relationship and your sense of self.

We met for a captivating talk about torture, terrorists, and sociopathic presidents.

INTERVIEW: Native Berliner Ersan Mondtag returns to Theatertreffen with the post-apocalyptic "Die Vernichtung" (The Extermination). Berlin’s Social Muscle Club invited guests from their now-global network to host a give-and-take performance as part of the new "Shifting Perspectives" platform. Is the discourse about privilege and race dangerously behind here in Germany compared to the US? Hundreds of young Spaniards are organising from Berlin to change politics in their home country.

Couples can be rest assured that their identity won’t be disclosed whatsoever and hence they can ask whatever doubts they have about their sexual performance without any hesitation, shyness or awkward feeling, which might exist while discussing the same sitting before a doctor a sex expert.

We have been the pioneer in our field from the very beginning and by all means we have maintained this status of providing the best expert advice on issues.

Researcher Emmanuel Droit explains the Af D's East-West divide, and why he thinks it's condemned to remain a protest movement. In June 2002, the first-ever issue of Exberliner Magazine hit newsstands.

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