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He probably spent most of his life in Jerusalem, enjoying his greatest influence under King Hezekiah (see 37:1-2). Several NT verses refer to the prophet Isaiah in connection with various parts of the book: Mt -21 (Isa 42:1-4); Mt 3:3 and Lk 3:4 (Isa 40:3); Ro ,20 (Isa 53:1; 65:1); see especially Jn -41 (Isa 53:1; ). 1 - 39 occurred during Isaiah's ministry (see 6:1; ; 36:1), so these chapters may have been completed not long after 701 b.c., the year the Assyrian army was destroyed (see note on ).

Isaiah is also credited with writing a history of the reign of King Uzziah (2Ch ). Compare the following verses: Altogether, there are at least 25 Hebrew words or forms found in Isaiah (i.e., in both major divisions of the book) that occur in no other prophetic writing. 36-39 constitute a historical interlude, which concludes chs. The prophet lived until at least 681 (see note on ) and may have written chs. In his message to the exiles of the sixth century b.c., Isaiah was projected into the future, just as Ezekiel was in Eze 40-48.

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Proto-Isaiah (chapters 1–39), containing the words of Isaiah; Deutero-Isaiah (chapters 40–55), the work of an anonymous 6th-century BCE author writing during the Exile; and Trito-Isaiah (chapters 56–66), composed after the return from Exile.

the book's essential unity has become a focus in current research.

This is fitting since he is sometimes referred to as the prince of the prophets.

Isaiah son of Amoz is often thought of as the greatest of the writing prophets.While one part of the consensus still holds – virtually no contemporary scholar maintains that the entire book, or even most of it, was written by one person – this perception of Isaiah as made up of three rather distinct sections underwent a radical challenge in the last quarter of the 20th century.While it is widely accepted that the book of Isaiah is rooted in a historic prophet called Isaiah, who lived in the Kingdom of Judah during the 8th century BCE, it is also widely accepted that this prophet did not write the entire book of Isaiah.His name means "The Lord saves." He was a contemporary of Amos, Hosea and Micah, beginning his ministry in 740 b.c., the year King Uzziah died (see note on 6:1).According to an unsubstantiated Jewish tradition (), he was sawed in half during the reign of Manasseh (cf. Isaiah was married and had at least two sons, Shear-Jashub (7:3) and Maher-Shalal-Hash-Baz (8:3).Many scholars today challenge the claim that Isaiah wrote the entire book that bears his name. There are other striking verbal parallels between chs. Isaiah's use of fire as a figure of punishment (see ; ; ; -14; 34:9-10; ), his references to the "holy mountain" of Jerusalem (see note on 2:2-4) and his mention of the highway to Jerusalem (see note on ) are themes that recur throughout the book. Isaiah wrote during the stormy period marking the expansion of the Assyrian empire and the decline of Israel.

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