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"But you've chosen a photo of a long-haired girl." "You've forgotten," I said, "that I'm only doing this to be allowed in.I'm not going to be communicating with anybody, so honesty doesn't matter. Maybe you'd like me to put a photo of my actual self, so the guys can find me when we meet in the hotel lobby? So, through the door at last, I was able to browse the profiles. It's my gift to you: a glimpse into how a woman might read a dating profile. Even in my single days, I was not looking to date a murderer. Philip, 40, Newcastle Philip has ticked a lot of boxes to tell me that he likes James Bond novels, indie music, football and France.First, you must understand your goals and preferences. Doing so would prevent you from wasting your time on trying to impress the type of people that you never really wanted to date or be with.

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suggested that I have a look at some of the men available online, I was quite offended. "It's a bit late to keep my options open now." "No, no," crooned my well-dressed overlord. This was very exciting: my one chance to become a "tall", "athletic" "brunette".

"You've described your hair as short," said my husband over my shoulder.

However, that’s a rather shallow thing to do anyway, isn’t it? And if they’re all selfies and scandalous, it’s probably a fake profile, too. The reason for this polarizing feeling is how it functions - it’s a yes or no deal.

As soon as you get a notice telling you that you’ve been favorited, login and see who last visited you. You can filter by age, education, relationship status, and other demos, but you can’t filter by body type without paying. A good rule of thumb to tell if the person you’re looking at is real is to count how many pictures they have and what they’re doing in them. I don’t know why, but 3 seems to be the magic number.

So, you've signed up to a singles site, but how do you know your profile will entice enough like-minded ladies - and not turn off potential partners?

You need a woman's perspective: allow GQ's arbiter of dating etiquette to oblige.

(Note from Victoria: This will only be useful if you're hoping to attract a 40-year-old married woman. I've barely met a single man in five years who hasn't. Show the readers what Well, I didn't need to be asked twice.

If I'm not your dream date, you'll have to ask someone else...). I'm rather wistful that cyber-courting didn't jump the shark into "normal" until after I'd met my husband, so I never got the chance to try it. I like the way it has transformed Britain into a dating culture, like America, where girls can go out with dozens of guys just for the fun of it - no expectations, no promises, just getting to know new people and seeing what happens. Within minutes, I was setting myself up with a profile on a range of dating sites; you need a profile to be allowed in to look at the men. The website doesn't ask for all my personal information before I'm allowed to drool over pictures of minidresses.)I chose a random photo of a girl from the internet and started ticking the description boxes offered by the site.

And then, you don’t even know if who you’re meeting looks like their profile photo. There are so many online dating options, how do you know which one is right for you? Pro-tip: You can see whom favorited you without paying if you’re clever. The hot or not experience is there; they call it quickmatch but it’s essentially hot or not. Pro-tip: There are a lot of fake profiles on Ok Cupid.

After a long day of work I want to relax, and relaxation to me isn’t getting dressed up, Ubering across the city to a restaurant you looked up last second on Yelp using the filters $$ or $$$, accepts credit cards, and sorted by highest rating. What does one do if they haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, though? A staple of the online dating world, Ok Cupid has been around for a while. Because it was the first dating site - emphasize site because when I first joined there was no such thing as an app – I joined way back in college. It’s got a ton of people on it so you’re never going to be short on options. However, there is a premium version, which offers things like anonymous browsing, tons of message storage, and additional filters.

They're quick, easy to use and, since you (hopefully) have an idea of what you're getting yourself into before you agree to anything, they're virtually pain-free.

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