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What’s coming next in New York City, sooner or later, is a long dry spell, according to research by Lamont-Doherty’s Neil Pederson.The city has seen repeated shortages of water over the past 20 years — even though the climate has been relatively wet over the past few decades, and despite a decline in overall water use.Thus, I offer you the recent brief best-ofs (only of those consumed for the first time within the past month): Montreal Beer Bars: Having now been to L'Amère à Boire, as well as renewed trips to Le Saint Bock and Vices et Versa, I have to renew my statement that Vices is a true marvel, Le Saint Bock is a pretty damn fine (if pricier) place to drink as well, while I look forward to more of L'Amère's mellow vibe and a few more tastes soon!

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Grade: A- Lindeman's Cuvée Renée (Gueuze) from the LCBO was a sour funky delight adding to my growing love of this style! Grade: A- Pauwel Kwak, yes in the funky glass, is a fun experience, and though good is basically just your standard Belgian Pale, but worth having once - if in the right glass!

Having a side-by-side on the same night of two similar beers (Urthel Hop-It and Delirium Tremens made clear to all involved that the Urthel is a true marvel, with everyone preferring it!

To understand what happened to Jack, you have to revisit the dark history of labor conditions in America.

It's very common to hear Right Wing blowhards pontificate on the dire threat of organized labor - as they reminisce fondly about the Robber Baron days - but just go back and read about those times.

A craft beer blog that originated as an attempt to share my beer ratings as they evolved (with a slight Southern Ontario focus), though a move to Montreal is leading towards a reoriented focus on Quebec Craft Beers, Breweries, and Events.

Follow me on facebook at Don't take the infrequency of posts as an implication that my beer consumption has dissipated, but I cannot catch up on all.

It thus behooves architects and building aficionados to be aware of the full palette of brickwork styles along with their histories and regional variations.

English bond was the standard brick bond for English buildings and structures beginning in the late Middle Ages.

In 1871, 112 men were killed in the anthracite mines, and 332 permanently injured. Take-home pay was uncertain; deductions were often arbitrary or at the whim of the owners by means of what they called the "bobtail check." A typical week's wages for a miner at the time of the Molly Mcguires was ; expenses, including rent, groceries, and a new drill, came to .03." To this day we hear about mining accidents where the company has cut corners on safety. Jack Kehoe's daughter married the brother of my grandfather, whom I never got to meet.

In seven years, 556 men had been killed and 1,565 maimed or crippled for life. It still goes on, but of course, not like back then. Jack was the local leader of the Molly Maguires until the gang was infiltrated by a Pinkerton employee who ratted them out leading to many men being hanged.

It continued to be the bond of choice for utilitarian structures and secondary walls from the mid-17 century by the more decorative Flemish bond for primary elevations.

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