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Being deficient in even one of these skills can significantly limit what you and your spouse can achieve in your relationship.

Being deficient in more than one of these skills can put any marriage at risk. EXPRESSING NEGATIVE FEELINGS CONSTRUCTIVELY "Negative feelings" refers to those feelings which we generally do not enjoy hearing from others.

In the Roman Catholic Church in particular, the New Testament is seen as divine revelation handed down through a long line of men—Jesus, the 12 apostles, the Church fathers, the popes, and finally the priests who bring God’s word to the parish pews today.

King showed the papyrus to a small group of media outlets in the weeks before her announcement—The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and both Smithsonian magazine and the Smithsonian Channel—on the condition that no stories run before her presentation in Rome.

The papyrus’s lines were incomplete, but they seemed to describe a dialogue between Jesus and the apostles over whether his “wife”—possibly Mary Magdalene—was “worthy” of discipleship.

Its main point, King argued, was that “women who are wives and mothers can be Jesus’s disciples.” She thought the passage likely figured into ancient debates over whether “marriage or celibacy [was] the ideal mode of Christian life” and, ultimately, whether a person could be both sexual and holy.

My wife leaves her phone hanging around all the time.

Every time I see it when she's out of the room, I know, instinctively: her whole life is in that little black box.

I had no ulterior motive to look at her phone; I was bored and it was there … I don't really know what I was expecting, but my conclusion was that real life tends to be less dramatic than East Enders.

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