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Can you just use the same material over and over again and hope that she isn’t like a normal human being who actually needs and desires some sense of variety and excitement?

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We have recent movies like Hitch to re-enforce this idea. ) You see, its easy to attract women, when you understand what drives them, what they are looking for, what they want to feel and experience while with you.

That’s all these pickup lines and techniques teach you, how to get a woman to experience a desirable feeling.

But by opting for online you are joining millions who, like you, are putting themselves out there – it’s a brave and proactive move, hopefully in the direction of the proverbial wedding altar. Your profile: Dos and don’ts I begin at the beginning – writing your profile.

It can be a real challenge, but it needn’t be a traumatic experience.

Contemplating taking your profile photo in the bathroom mirror? You may be in need of some help from e Harmony’s self-styled Single Muslim Hitch, who this week offers up advice on creating the perfect profile. Let me introduce myself: I am the self-appointed online Muslim Hitch.

Think “date doctor” Will Smith without the shellfish allergy. I’m here to support, advise and guide you as you navigate the online quagmire of trying to find that wonderful lifetime partner – a partner who could be at the end of keypad click.

Well, I’m so glad to hear that because I think You Tube and vlogging are two of the greatest things ever!

About 7 years I got my first camcorder right before setting out on a backpacking trip to Argentina.

Those matchmaking ‘auntie’ type characters who thought that height, age and job title were all the information one needed when putting two people together, have taken a backseat along with their ‘biodata’ forms and instead online services are now very much the driving force in searching for a compatible partner.

I know that being a member of a singles website can be a little embarrassing and yes it can be daunting too.

When we weren’t laughing our heads off as we tried to recount the days events, we were ranting about one thing or another.

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