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EDMONTON – An animal rights organization has released graphic video it says was taken at a pig assembly yard in Red Deer that shows workers beating animals in view of government inspectors.

The hidden-camera video shows workers kicking sick or injured pigs that are struggling to walk.

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"They look at you and wonder if it's a 21-and-older building, why is there a baby?

It feels like we're hiding him." Janz and Tang live in an adult-only condo, a common age discrimination applied to multi-unit housing in Alberta, and one brewing a bitter feud between millennial families and family-friendly housing advocates on one side, and developers, industry advocates and seniors on the other, who want the province's age discrimination in housing maintained.

Alberta is the last province in Canada to allow developers, condo boards and landlords to discriminate on who is allowed to live where based on age, except seniors.

But following a human rights challenge, a court has given the government until January 2018 to reconsider what exemptions to a coming ban on age discrimination it will uphold.

Police said the video is “startling” and that they will interview the other residents in the home to see if anyone else reports being abused by Williams.

WXIA News reports the victim will remain at the personal care home because she is now doing fine since Williams left.Defence lawyer Austin Nguyen had argued a conditional sentence order, which would have allowed Chu to serve his sentence in the community, was appropriate.But Skene said there were numerous aggravating factors to warrant jail including the "egregious breach of the privacy of the women in their own home in their own bathroom.The majority of the 40,000 animals that arrive at Western Hog Exchange each week go to slaughter, said company chairman Brent Moen.Some animals are held at the facility for a short period of time, about a day, before they are reloaded onto transport trucks and sent elsewhere.The family has been given eight months to find a new place to live because their condo building doesn't allow children.

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