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You can use the quick links below to jump to something specific if you know what you're looking for.You'll find a number of links at the bottom of the page which will take you to the mission walkthroughs for other areas.It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the third GTA game rendered in full polygonal 3D.

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In addition to the GTA series' established open-world gameplay, role-playing elements were introduced in San Andreas in the form of player attributes, which can be modified by performing certain activities such as eating, exercising and driving.

San Andreas also hosts a more diverse setting than its predecessors, with vast open countryside contrasting a variety of sprawling urban landscapes.

After its initial release, San Andreas was widely praised by critics and would go on to become the best-selling PS2 game of all time.

The game was also released on both Xbox and PC in June 2005.

You can find Michelle at the Driving School in San Fierro.

You can find Helena at the Ammu-Nation in Blue Berry shoting a gun.

Since you will be in effect hacking your game, unlocking disabled content is in violation of your End User License Agreement with Rockstar Games. : If the Heart icons do not appear simply swing by their homes to mark them.

(1) Denise is behind CJ's House (2) Michelle around the Driving School in SF (3) Helena can be found at Flint Range (4) Katie is in the Paradise district of SF (5) Millie is in the Prickle Pine district of LV WUPB-B7F4-XPX09 1GZE-V47D-4GXBH Date & Girlfriend Codes: D1U0-7U5R-BJ2ZC Date Modifier: 39VZ-NARK-06RVU 8UQH-1851-EZQPC Always Driving Date: 8JKP-4XPM-Y2W6U 12UF-9DF5-0P0RG 7ZPF-J4VG-C20FY v AUN4-Y662-7NFV0 7ZPF-J4VG-C20FY ​ Always Dancing Date: 9YZR-17TF-MWZU4 5JC3-M4E8-VQ4CX 6BHH-ZW1G-YH2TU AUN4-Y662-7NFV0 6BHH-ZW1G-YH2TU Always Dinner Date: HRHT-J8VC-2P05M 5JC3-M4E8-VQ4CX NG2H-VX0E-Z0G2T 12UF-9DF5-0P0RG NG2H-VX0E-Z0G2T Quick Fun Increase (Driving Dates): HC35-44B7-1B0QY DVN8-B67P-H075B Hot Coffee (After Successful Date): : DO NOT SAVE WITH THIS CODE ACTIVE This cheat will save and MAY corrupt your save. You will be stuck in an invisible box after adult scene.

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