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The WS2801 and WS2811 are LED driver IC’s (Integrated Circuits).

and now you should download Crowdfunding Platform package. If you are installing the extension for the first time, you will see a list of installed libraries, plugins and modules. If the system shows red indicators for unfulfilled requirements, it will be better to find a way to fix them.

You must install Prism Library because the extension needs it to work properly.

You will have to go to the administration and import the resources.

It is a time to configure the crowdfunding platofrm.

Positioned close together, so you as a viewer will see the mixed color result.

The WS2801 used to be quite popular but the WS2812/WS2811 appears to be taking over the reigns.

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Internet Explorer prefers DHCP information over DNS whereas Firefox uses DNS.

In this article we will be using an Arduino Uno connected to a strip of WS2812/WS2811 LEDs.

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