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Dress Code: Day time: Casual Evening: Casual Elegant Food was value for money.

That mojito needs to be worked on though and the waitress on the day kept serving food first then forgetting cutlery so had to wait a while before eating.

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Apart from that ambience is great, music is apt, food delicious. I am without question an extremely picky and detail oriented traveller with no exceptions made in my book for the "third world". The Royal Senchi managed to exceed my expectations and surprise me time and time again with its amenities, service, friendly staff and exceedingly picturesque location.

are a meta-ethnicity predominantly speaking Central Tano languages and residing in the southern regions of the former Gold Coast region in what is today the nation of Ghana.

They migrated from the north, they went through Egypt and settled in Nubia (Sudan).

Around 500AD (5th century), due to the pressure exerted on Nubia by Axumite kingdom of Ethiopia, Nubia was shattered, and the Akan people moved west and established small trading kingdoms.

It's forgivable as she thought no one was inside.

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