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She appears in fourteen episodes, beginning with "Nicky and/or Alexander" and ending with "The Perfect Couple". Vicky is the type of woman who is very focused on her career, and that proves to be the undoing in her long-distance relationship with Danny.She also reveals herself to be seven months, three weeks, and two days older than Danny.In stark contrast to Saget’s roles in two of the most family friendly shows of the ’90s, his stand-up comedy routine was raunchy, profanity-laced and just downright dirty. Now: After ‘Full House,’ Saget has continued his career on TV, including a starring role in the short-lived series ‘Raising Dad’ (alongside Kat Dennings), as the host of the game show ‘1 vs.

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"John Franklin is the creator of 'Full House.' Everybody else was on board.

Of course I was going to be on board, too and I think with John Franklin at the helm being the original creator of 'Full House' we all knew what it was going to be and it stayed really true to the brand, and to the original show,” said Loughlin.

He still does stand-up, and, most importantly, still frequently gets together with his former ‘Full House’ cast. After getting his start as Blackie on ‘General Hospital,’ John Stamos played Danny’s badass brother-in-law, who moves in with the Tanner fam to help raise the girls after their mother’s untimely death.

Uncle Jesse’s deep devotion to his hair and his obsession with Elvis was only rivaled by his love and commitment to his family.

By 1997, however, Loughlin was remarried to Mossimo, with whom she now has two daughters.

Lori Loughlin is best known as the lovable Aunt Becky on "Full House" and now on the spin-off series "Fuller House." But she's also passionate about causes like World Water Day which is why she has teamed up with Emergen-C to bring clean drinking water to Ethiopia The actress spoke to FOX411 about returning to the iconic TV series, and her on-screen chemistry with co-star John Stamos. “John Stamos and John Franklin put this in the motion," she told FOX411.

Though ‘Full House’ ended almost two decades ago, it seems like the cast keeps popping up “everywhere you look.” (We had to!

) From Instagram pics of their reunions and hilarious Tanner family Super Bowl commercials to countless reruns, we love that San Fransisco’s favorite blended family is still together after all these years.

J.’s relationship with Steve, and helping Danny to deal with it.

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