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Adding insult to injury (to Francis, at least), in a bit of a throwaway line we learn that the copper Francis discovered, which caused the excitement that (essentially) killed him, was just quartz (ie; fool’s copper). The bell tolls the day after Christmas because, you know, they’re not heartless.

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After studying at Kelly College in Tavistock in the late nineteenth century and becoming a trainee surveyor in Penzance, Coleridge went on to become a town planner and engineer, based mainly in Newton Abbot in Devon.

He was an older father, having been widowed once and remarrying; he met his second wife, Katie Stone, in an orchestra he was conducting.

I don’t know exactly why I have such an issue finding Mr. Literally Anyone Who Will Date Me, Please, I’m Desperate).

Maybe it's because my go-to way to flirt is to make really terrible puns, maybe it's because I tried the DENNIS system (for those fans), or maybe it's because every single time I develop a crush on someone at Davidson they either A) have a long-term girlfriend that lives in some far corner of the world that they’re absolutely in love with or B) are too busy cultivating their “frat boy” aesthetic to actually settle down and date me. We don’t have windows.) What I’m getting at here folks is that I have NO f%$#ing clue how to date, and it’s getting pretty depressing.However, after years cultivating my awkwardness into an art form, I have collected a series of rather unfortunate dating stories from my own life, my friends' lives, and a few hypotheticals that may help you learn what NOT to do while dating at Davidson. Don’t make prolonged eye contact with him as you shovel a strangely phallic “grinder” hoagie into your mouth. Don’t tell him he looks like a “sexy Pee-wee Herman.” 5. Don’t add him on all social media accounts after meeting him for about 30 seconds at a party. AND if being yourself means doing any (or all) of the things on this list hell, go for it.While I can't guarantee that these will be at all helpful to you, they're at least good for a laugh or two. Don’t show him a picture on your camera roll without deleting the Snapchat screenshots you may or may not have saved of him, because he might just keep swiping right (like a horny teenager on Tinder). Don’t pretend you know the “nuances” of baseball if you’d literally rather stab out your own eyeballs Oedipus style than watch nine innings of men standing around chewing tobacco. Nothing screams, “I’ve been stalking you,” like a practical stranger finding your old My Space account 15 minutes after meeting you. On that note, don’t accidentally like a profile picture from 2012 because you have browsing butter fingers. Don’t try to pretend you’re of the same political party as him. Don’t wear your really tight pants to play mini golf with him. Or is he just being kind to the remnant of a first love that will always be there?When Elizabeth says, “I miss Francis,” Ross responds, “I do too.” Uh-huh. Elsewhere in the fool’s department, Ross is beyond broke and the Warleggans have called in his promissory note.Coleridge’s father was a music professor and organist from a line of esteemed musicians and his mother was originally a Dingley, a family with many east Cornish connections, who ran hotels and banks.

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