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(What exactly that situation will be is TBD.)"We are excited with the new development of making a show to showcase the polarity of the dating world with today's divisiveness and see if people with opposing views can have a loving and meaningful relationship," Goss told It's true that politics are more polarizing in the dating market than ever.

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Since there's a dating site for every group from vampires to firefighters, we shouldn't be too surprised that Trump supporters looking for love have their own corner of the Internet.

Trump advertises itself as the site that's "making dating great again," and one production company has deemed its users interesting enough for their own dating show.

The title plot, in which Kevin’s relationship with Pete becomes strained due to the presence of a younger, shinier Kevin who works with Pete as a ref, is super lame and boring.

(The only genuinely funny moment is when Kevin claims Pete as “his” child.) Kevin’s insecurity? Watching it done the same way for the thousandth time? The focus on Pete and Kevin’s friendship, one of the show’s oldest sources of comedy, mostly serves to highlight the absence of Nick Kroll, as well as most of the recurring cast.

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I'm sorry for all the ones I left out **** So, what is the common denominator to all of them? Do we realy want to sit at home after a long day at work, and see the homeless trying to get by? Do we want to see shows dealing with such "everyday" issues with no action, no dilema we can relate to? not because we believe on "different" gods means we are not the these different things we got is what makes us the same. languages, religion and countries makes a wall between us, we dont understand each other and we think we are not the same, thats why we keep killing each other.i try to understand, try to understand all point of views, is just that i dont like violence. I'm never brave enough to ask total strangers to take pictures of them, I always think it's so rude, especially if it's obvious that I want to photograph them for what they are - or not are.

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She even addresses personal topics such as the abuse she endured as a child.

Read the story about her interview with Oprah here.

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