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Once a script has been placed in this directory, it can be referenced by name.For example, a script called We recommend running Elasticsearch behind an application or proxy, which protects Elasticsearch from the outside world.Modals are streamlined, but flexible dialog prompts powered by Java Script.

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The following example places the vertical pill menu inside the last column.

So, on a large screen the menu will be displayed to the right.

On Jun 23, pm, "Jeffrey Kretz" Thanks =) The reason I have to use the src change is because if I try to setup all the images in a list or by some other method that most galleries rely upon, the performance shoots way down in Firefox 2, Firefox 2 for mac is especially bad.

You click a thumbnail to go to an image and it literally sits there for a few seconds before actually switching the image, and the fade doesn't work at all.

The modern web developer who does not consider Ajax when planning or building their websites is potentially missing out on a powerful tool to enhance usability.

There are however, challenges in implementing Ajax functionality on a web page.(I use it to crossfade through 2-4 images on a timer - the fade is perfect) I love the look of your gallery, BTW.j I'm trying to switch out an image by dynamically changing the source value of an image. j("#image img")To(500,0,function() )To(500, 1); I'm fading out the image, changing the source, and then fading it back in again. Basically I want to fade this code in: j("#image img").attr(); Is that possible?I tried using other methods of image replacement but none of them work smoothly, there's major performance problems. I tried the animate function but that only animates in CSS changes and not html attribute changes (as far as I can tell) Thanks, -David P. Here's the page I'm working on: a really good idea, however that approach wouldn't work since the image is dynamically cropped and resized with the browser window, you can't crop and resize a background-image =( the fade to black works rather nicely but it would be nice to have a direct dissolve.If users are allowed to run inline scripts (even in a search request) or indexed scripts, then they have the same access to your box as the user that Elasticsearch is running as.For this reason dynamic scripting is allowed only for sandboxed languages by default.The scripting module allows to use scripts in order to evaluate custom expressions.

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