Dido dating marshal

The discography of Dido, a British pop singer, consists of four studio albums, one demo album (Odds & Ends), two extended plays, twenty singles, and one video album.

She debuted in 1995, performing and touring with trip hop group Faithless.

There were calls for "Here With Me" to be relased as a single before "Stan" was even released. If he hadn't made her well-known from "Stan", Dido's song would probably have never been used for Roswell, because nobody would know her.

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"I whisper to the agents and ask them to put the customer on hold and say they're going to pass the call to their manager.

Then I say that I'm the chief executive and I want to explain what's going on and see what I can do.

Mercedes - sorry if you think I'm an idiot, but you are wrong about a couple of things in your post.

Dido was NOT nothing before Eminem made her a hit, she was already known for being the younger sister of Rowland "Rollo" Armstrong from Faithless, who had several hits between 19 - she occasionally recorded with Faithless and in fact it was her connection to Rollo that landed her the chance to record the song "Thank Yuo" for the film "Sliding Doors", and it was this that led to her being invited to record "Here With Me" as the theme to Roswell, which was completed in 1999 - a whole year before she ever collaborated with Eminem, let alone before Stan became a hit - so that actually had nothing to do with Eminem at all.

Plus, I don't know if y'all noticed, but Dido couldn't even keep her popularity.

In all actuality, She's a one-hit wonder; "Thank You" was the only song of hers to make it on the radio. All I know is, it's one of the most phenomenal experiences, one of the most groundbreaking in music history. Looking at albums like The Slim Shady LP, Eminem Show, and even Relapse (which, to me really sucks), it seems that Marshal Mathers really does enjoy using his now-famous Slim Shady persona: A homophobic psycho, who is overwhelmingly violent and sarcastic. First off, we have an absolutely obsessed fanatic, named Stan.So she really does owe it to Eminem, not the other way around. He's got everything: rare albums like The Slim Shady EP, underground music, posters, everything.He's written to Eminem a few times before ("I wrote a couple letters back in autumn / You must not of got 'em, there must of been a problem at the post office or somethin'). He's an abusive asshole to his girlfriend (whom Dido sings lines for and plays in the Music Video), whom is very depressed because of this ("My tea's gone cold" / "I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all"), but tries to make something out of the relationship ("With your picture on my wall" / "It reminds me that it's not so bad...If you don't agree with my views then that's fine - but don't go around calling others idiots just because you don't shre their opinions I too, have to agree with 95% of the comments here. I'm not saying Dido doesn't have any talent, but it takes more than that to make it in the music industry.A great song, well structured and written in a style only Eminem knows how to..is why he is as popular as he is. It shows though, if true, how some fans can be obsessive and sends them over the edge if they don't get that acknowledgement from a star. Almost everyone in the industry got a leg up from someone, and Eminem was clearly her leg up.the Festival came to a close after 115 shows in Auckland and 68 shows in Wellington. Tax and Fairness This is an excellent and timely book, since apart from general statements about increasing or mostly reducing tax, there has been very little comment or debate as to whether we should pay tax at all and how much tax should each of us pay.

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