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Get clear on your true passions and interests outside of dating.It will energize you in a way that makes you more magnetic, interesting, and appealing to women. Focus On Bringing Value to Women’s Lives As a nice guy, you like to help people when you can.So we asked some smart and savvy women to give us their takes on modern dating.

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Use these five tips to keep your edge and appeal to the opposite sex: 1.

Find and Pursue Your Passions A man who knows what he wants out of life isn’t just intoxicatingly sexy to women – he’s also far more likely to be happy and successful in his own life.

Recently, Clarisse Thorn admirably tried to pick through the sewage strewn all over “pickup artist” (PUA) communities and find a handful of gems that could be plucked out and proffered to the socially awkward man who finds that he’s not getting laid as often as he’d like.

(To which I say, ) Clarisse is less cynical than I am on this issue; I think the PUA mentality is too toxic to be polished into something non-misogynist.

Get the hell out of there before that evil succubus (read: bitch) eats you alive!

” These days, “bitch” is a term that’s bandied about with fair frequency, even outside the AKC.So, in the interest of good faith, I have concocted dating advice for men who swear up and down they are only drawn to misogynist PUA forums and seminars out of desperation and not sexism.Fair warning: this isn’t dating advice for everyone, but aimed at those who claim that they have to use tricks and traps to get laid, because they’re too socially awkward to get laid honestly.It's even become a point of pride for select women hoping to becoming a better seductress. On the other hand, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and acts like a bitch…well, you know the rest.We're sure that at least one of your buddies (or maybe even you) is dating one.There’s an old saying that “nice guys finish last.” If you’re someone who believes in karma and being a decent human being, you’ll still strive to be a kind gentleman.

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