Dating senheiser 421

Your voice is rather un-interesting by itself, but don't worry, most of our voices are rather drab.

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Now lets go back and listen to the vocal we just did. You can dial in the amount of bass you want to pass.

Hear how nice those screams came out, with that sheen on top? Guys doing voiceover and radio work like that feature cause they can control how their voice fits in the mix at the source. Noob, you don't sound that good in real life, sorry to say.

But patience would pay dividends; within a few years he was assisting on sessions for artists including Kiss, Damn Yankees, Sammy Hagar, Heart, Michael Mac Donald and Cheap Trick, with producers such as Ron Nevison and Mike Klink, and two decades later would be the producer and/or engineer for records for Alice In Chains, Machine Head, Metallica, Tantric, Third Eye Blind, the Wallflowers, Fishbone, Korn, Primus, Sevendust, Slayer and 3rd Strike. While attending school, Wright and his roommate were sitting around one afternoon, plinking out songs on the guitar and drinking beer.

"I remember saying to him 'This is retarded, we need jobs,'" Wright recalls.

The MD 421-II also handles very high sound pressure levels, making it suitable for miking instruments high in transient (peak) response.

Toby Wright puts the finishing touches to a mic array for vocal recording.

The MD421 II microphone boasts rugged, reliable Sennheiser construction.

Tweak presses a button on Tweakland's Magic Console and a glass display case of microphones rises out of the floor. If you were the type of person that relied only on appearances you'd smile at the MD421 and say "maybe we can be penpals". "OK, I'll hold the Mic and you give the tom a good 'ol whacking. Tweak hands noob an out-of-tune single coil electric guitar and plugs it into his V-Amp and out the V-amp into a monster Marshall stack. " shouts the sweaty noob, who is now temporarily half deaf from his audio carnage.

You are handed a rather long cardboard box marked Sennheiser. " shouts noob and he lunges at the bass cone of Tweak's HR 824 with the MD421, expecting the monstrous roar of the Mackie's feedback to suck the air out of the room. "Heh-heh" says Tweak, "you got to get really close for that! It doesn't pick up the whole room, just what you point it at, and it drops off fast as you move away. This Sennheiser microphone is a low-impedance (200 ohms) balanced output unit terminating in a standard 3-pin XLR-type connector.

There it is, the 421 lying there, completely jet black (not silver, like it looked in the ad) and ugh, its body is all plastic and lightweight at that. In the space of in SMPTE time Tweak has it rigged to his new RNP preamp, has Logic in record ready mode and sticks the MD, oh, OK, lets just call it the Mad Dog, in Newb's face. Suddenly newb screams out years of pent up aggressions over not getting a date with missus so and so, we'll call her Ms. Tweak pushes a button an a lone beat up floor tom rises out of the floor on cue.

The Sennheiser MD421 II Mic is one of the best-known microphones in the world.

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