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They were all answers to specific questions; you get to try to guess what the original questions were. Many of the posts have been edited since they were posted.

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I converted the type study to hypertext and added the plane dating flowchart and feature timeline.

Stan Faullin helped by providing some of the pictures used in the Plane Dating Flowchart, and Steve Turner provided the Post Script version of the flowchart.

Thanks to the invention of planes, a moderately skilled workman could produce the same quality carpentry that previously had taken a master craftsman countless hours to achieve with a hand chisel.

Until the mass-production techniques of the Industrial Revolution, wooden planes with iron blades were the dominant form.

Pushchairs and walking aids are permitted but must be x-ray screened. Security staff may hand search you and x-ray your shoes.

Once in the departure lounge passengers may purchase any item in any store and take it onto the aircraft as normal unless you are travelling to the USA. Extra restrictions are in place – you WILL NOT be permitted to take any liquid or gel items purchased in the departures lounge into the aircraft cabin.

In a few cases, such as the list of useful books on planes, significant additions have been made as well.

I have kept the editing true to the original posts, though, not adding significant material beyond the original post.

A plane, or hand plane, is a device that holds an iron chisel in a fixed position so wood can be evenly removed from the surface of a board.

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