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If you are at all interested in antique bone china you will need to keep this guide handy. This section is not a directory of pottery marks, but explains who founded the company, in what era, and what happened subsequently. The A - Z directory starts immediately below a short introduction.

Bone china is a type of porcelain with added animal bone.

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It is possible to date Beswick stamps by learning to recognize the stamp.

There are ten different Beswick backstamps from different periods, and the stamp varies depending on the date or period.

The firing temperature needs to be high and so is expensive to produce.

The first firm to develop a reliable recipe was Spode in 1799. Germany, France and the rest of Europe stuck to their older, more traditional Chinese porcelain recipes (no animal bone).

Bone china is a very pure white (whiter than standard European porcelain) and can be cast so thin as to be translucent, yet is still surprisingly chip resistant compared with lesser crockery like ironstone and earthenware.

Antique bone china was always expensive and difficult to work with.

In 1934 the introduction of high fired bone china meant they could produce high-quality figurines, such as famous race horses and champion dogs.

The company was made a limited company, John Beswick Ltd, in 1936.

From the establishment of the Beswick factory in Longton, Stoke on Trent in 1894, animal figures of a very high quality and at an affordable price to the collector with a modest budget have been represented in Beswick sales catalogues and advertising material.

The production of Beswick figures can be divided into two periods.

In 1939 Arthur Gredington was appointed chief modeller and they began producing farm animal figurines.

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