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This training will emphasize the sexual, romantic, social, and fantasy forms of Internet Addictions or Internet Addiction Disorder.Cybersex, Romance, Internet Dating, Internet Affair, Virtual World, and Social Networking (Facebook) addictions will be explored. Training at am to pm Location: Poplar Creek Country Club 1400 Poplar Creek Drive Hoffman Estates, IL 60169 Training Description: A new and rapidly growing population of internet addicts has emerged.

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You never really know who it is that is behind the screen name.

Hiding behind a made-up moniker could be a rapist, a child molester, a wife-beater, a criminal, or an otherwise unsavory character. You wouldn’t if you’d read some of the horror stories posted on some sites that seek to reveal the dangers and the risks posed by use of online dating services.

There’s little time to get all the things done in a day that have to be taken care of, let alone find the time to meet someone new.

When it comes to women using the Internet to find potential dates or partners, however, there’s both good news and bad news.

But with so many sites catering to very different tastes, which is the right one for you?

Naturally, I should be steering you towards Telegraph Dating, which I'm contractually obliged to tell you is BRILLIANT.

Demographics, statistics, addictive processes, diagnostic criteria, are other areas that will be emphasized.

Registration is – includes the cost of program materials, CEUs and continental breakfast. A new and rapidly growing population of internet addicts has emerged.

The person you think is a straight-forward, honest individual who is sincerely interested in you may, in fact, be a cheating spouse.

It’s easy to obtain a secret email address, create an online persona, even arrange for a post office box for mailing correspondence, all in an attempt to cloak a true identity.

As a result of the proliferation of addictive Internet activities, there is now epidemic of Internet related addictions.

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