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The 17-year locusts were hatching the night we met.They were everywhere; the North Carolina mountains echoed with their screams.

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Wait a little while—say, five o’clock—when the sun’s still clawing through the rain clouds over San José and before the streets are lousy with beggars and peddlers. There are a few and the biggest Asian kid you’ve ever seen, but the rest of the men here are gringos.

There are young guys in tank tops and old guys wearing socks in their sandals and a whole mess of graying middle-aged guys in polos and floral-print shirts.

They were mating in the trees, they were mating in the air. Their bodies crunched beneath our sandaled feet as we stood in his mother's verdant yard and kissed. He called and I told him sure, yes, I would meet him down in Costa Rica for a week.

I was on a road trip and he was my friend's cousin. He'd been last-minute rejected from the Peace Corps elsewhere in Central America and had become too determined to get out of Charlotte. My flight was more surreal than flights already are, me realizing I actually was en route to a foreign country to spend a week with a man I did not know. On the bus, we watched a deaf girl and her father read a book. When we’d spoken on the phone — he'd been in Costa Rica a few months now — he’d said that’s what he missed most about the States: Blow Pops. We sucked on more Blow Pops and also cigarettes on the stormy ferry and while waiting in a pack of locals for another bus, which got stuck in the mud.

I was 21 and I wanted to live a very romantic story. I flapped my hands at the taxi drivers and repeated, “No gracias, no gracias. I turned around and walked all the way back to the doors. He may have gotten lost on his way to the airport or written my flight down wrong? At last he strode up, golden hair messy and panting, tan and handsome. We found a hotel with a single light still lit, insects going bananas, and got a room. He flipped on the light and I looked around the room for cockroaches. We fell over on top of one another and took off the clothes that needed taking off and his dick had freckles.“I hate condoms,” he murmured to me, and, “The mosquito nets are hurting the cuts on my feet.”It wasn’t long. I turned on the bathroom light and looked for cockroaches. Maybe that was it, what I thought I liked about him, why I'd agreed to come here: that he didn't resemble anyone else I knew. So I go over to the bar and I show ‘em.”Richard grabbed a glass of water and a straw and caught some water in the straw with his finger and held it there in the air, saying, “I said, here’s my toilet without a vent,” and letting his finger go said, “and here it is with a vent.

Past customs, I stepped into the bright day that was San José. Now the taxi drivers were positive that I was lost or had changed my mind and each made the decision to approach me again and ask again, and I — no gracias no gracias no gracias — I began to wonder about myself too. After, he went out and looked at he crude oil ocean and the moon. We wanted to take the bus to Mal País but that bus didn’t exist, a Midwestern guy told us. Then he came sprinting back, shouting he had found a room run by a German guy with a dog who looked like his now-dead pit bull and a bar with football on too. The owner, Richard, had opened it after he’d followed "a gal" there, and then when it was open she’d left him. Now go make me a real goddamn vent.” His big laugh echoed through the high tin roof. He sold us Israeli beers for 50 cents — he’d bought the whole case from an Israeli and couldn’t sell "a single goddamned oneofum" at full price.

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