Capital gold dating

The Income Tax Act has specifically exempted assets received as gifts by way of an inheritance or will.

The gold to silver ratio peaked at around 82-83x earlier this year, similar to recent peaks in 20.

The ratio briefly broke through the 200-week average last week for the first time since April 2013.

The following are not considered capital assets: Definition of rural area (from AY 2014-15) – Any area which is outside the jurisdiction of a municipality or cantonment board, having a population of 10,000 or more is considered rural area.

Also, if it does not fall within a distance (to be measured aerially) given below – (population is as per the last census).

Ordinary Income and capital gains from the Global, Overseas, U. Value, Gold Funds and Fund of America are generally paid at year-end and reinvested at NAV or paid in cash.

The High Yield Fund distributes ordinary income dividends on a monthly basis and capital gain dividends are made at year-end and reinvested at NAV or paid in cash.You may have heard some pretty controversial things about Sharia Law, but what you probably haven't heard is that this law also governs the world of Islamic finance.Under Shariah Law, gold is one of six items which are forbidden from being held on to with the intention of trading at a later date for a higher foreseeable value.What this means is that Muslims can own gold to use as jewelry, for example, but up until now Shariah Law has dictated that Muslims refrain from trading the yellow metal as a commodity.The ban is expected to be reversed on , at which point an additional 1.6 billion people, 32 central banks, and 112 billionaires, including the Saudi royal family and sheikhs famous for their oil wealth, will be eligible to invest in gold.A new law going into effect at the end of 2016 is going to enable Muslims across the world to trade in gold for the first time.

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