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Some of the most beautiful women in Phnom Penh earn less a month than you earn in a day. First of all, it means that you have to be careful that you don’t fall for a woman who only loves your wallet. Pay for her coffee but don’t buy her a handbag just because she wants one.It’s your job to find out if You don’t need to be rich to get a Cambodian bride.Khmer women are smaller and darker than women from other Asian countries. Some of these girls have bodies that make you shake your head and smile, especially the Chinese Cambodian women who are even more beautiful than the traditional Khmer girls. But there’s not one single Cambodian dating site, at least not one that’s worth mentioning.

This handsome boy was my best friend on Koh Rong, and I used to love coming into work at 7.30am just to see his little face and his bum wiggle.

This particular night, he’d found a bucket of garlic butter that the Khmer boys used to make garlic bread for the BBQ, and he’d taken it hostage while he licked it clean.

Heck, you don’t even have to earn more than $1500 a month to give her a life that she could have never dreamed of.​Even though I think that Buzzfeed is a retarded left-wing feminazi magazine, I see myself forced to link to one of their articles in which they claim that in Cambodia, it’s not really domestic violence until the women bleed.

You can’t believe how much I hate myself for mentioning this rag. I talked to a Khmer woman about this issue and that’s how it is.​Marrying a Khmer woman is not the same as marrying a Western woman.

Don’t EVER cut it.” I always assumed she knew some secret – like maybe once you cut little-Black-girl-hair it doesn’t ever grow back (a thought that absolutely terrified me).

But then I grew up and grew out my relaxer and realized that my hair grows pretty darn fast.

So what's the attraction of Cambodian ladies, and how would you go about finding a bride from Cambodia? Like Filipinos, Cambodian ladies are quite diverse in their appearance.

They tend to be dark skinned and a lot shorter than the average Chinese lady.

Thankfully, the tub was pretty much empty when he stole it, as I dread to think what eating a whole bucket of the stuff would have done to him!

You know how it is: you kiss a cute Cambodian boy and the next day, he presents you with a ring and tells his whole family that you’re getting married in 3 month’s time. This story is far too weird and complicated to try and explain in a paragraph, so let it suffice to say that Cambodian dating is very different to Western dating and involves matching t-shirts, lots of insisting that ‘no, we’re going to have a baby! Nope, this is not a picture of me and my ex boyfriend.

I know it’s pretty late to be writing about 2016 when we’re almost halfway through 20 was the best year of my life, so why wouldn’t I want to write about it?

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